The company RR Corporation LTD through its website does NOT offer financial or investment services in any way, it is NOT a Trading broker or an investment platform.

emirlike is a portal that collects various online trading assistance software and as such neither he nor the related information and / or descriptions of the software should in any way be understood as investment operating advice, nor as a solicitation to collect public savings or management patrimonial.

The software in question is an operating tool intended exclusively for the MetaTrader 4 trading platform to assist the user in trading on the Forex market.

The user can enable and disable the functions of the Software at any time, setting each parameter according to his own strategy and maintaining constant control over the Trading activities carried out: the user can in fact authorize or inhibit the opening of new Trades and close in open trades at any time, maintaining constant control of the trading account and the last word on all decisions via the “Metatrader 4” platform.

ALL the parameters of use of the software on the emirlike portal can be set and customized by the user, who can thus implement his trading strategy through the software, using the algorithms present in the programming code.

The various software do NOT carry out Mirror Trading or CopyTrading activities and do not constitute an asset management service, but it is only a tool that through certain algorithms allows the user to develop specific trading strategies: the user always remains in full control of the account. of Trading, independently deciding the underlying on which to invest, the strategy to be used, the methods of entering and exiting the market, and everything related to the management of money management and the risk / return profile including financial leverage.

The user assumes full and total responsibility for their choices and operational strategies applied through the software on the emirlike portal fully aware of the economic risks associated with any form of use and in general to operate with real money in the online trading sector , where the risks of losing part, all or even more of the invested capital are very high.

By manually enabling the Software, the user accepts that the same automates certain operating processes on his behalf, totally exempting the company from any liability relating to damages or losses suffered using the software available on the emirlike portal “.

RR Corporation LTD, as the software distributor company, expressly disclaims, for itself and for its collaborators, any liability arising from the use of the software for any loss or damage suffered by the user.

It is the user’s obligation to set, control and constantly monitor the operation of the software, using Trading strategies compatible with their objectives and with their own risk propensity: the algorithms implemented in the Software do not and cannot provide any guarantees regarding future and unpredictable events, such as market trends or macroeconomic news.

Safeguarding the invested capital depends solely on the choices made by the user, especially with regard to the size of the trades open and the management of Money Management.

The different strategies shown in the user manual represent only a partial examination for educational purposes of the possible ways of using the Software and cannot in any way be considered as financial or investment advice or advice.

The consultancy activity provided by RR Corporation LTD and its collaborators is limited to technical issues, such as the installation and use of the various functions of the Software in no way can it be considered as a financial consultancy activity, the which is legally delegated to the consultants registered in the appropriate registers and in possession of the required qualifications.

The results presented relating to the use of the software (both the Historical Tests reported on the website and the results on the real account otherwise provided) do not constitute any guarantee regarding hypothetical and similar future profit performance.

Similarly, the settings used in achieving the aforementioned results are not intended as investment advice, but only as parameters that have proven to be profitable in the context of tests carried out on historical data: there is no guarantee on the part of RR Corporation on the fact that the same settings can be effective and profitable in the future, or can somehow protect the account from partial or total loss.

This website and the use of the software are not aimed at legal or natural persons belonging to jurisdictions in which, by virtue of nationality, type of person, domicile or residence, registered office or for any other reason, the access to the site, its consultation and use of the services offered should be prohibited or subject to restrictions. Persons to whom these restrictions apply are consequently prohibited from accessing this website.

CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money quickly due to leverage.

Between 74% and 89% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs.

Evaluate if you understand how CFDs work and if you can afford to bear the high risk of losing money.

It remains under the user’s full responsibility to invest only capital that he can afford to lose and adopt settings that respond to prudent and sustainable Money Management policies, protecting his trading account and using the appropriate Stop functions if necessary. Loss.

Clients can access online trading platforms for leveraged financial products (e.g. foreign currency, CFDs, ETFs, etc.) via their chosen trading broker’s website.

RR Corporation LTD has no access in any way to the funds held on the client’s trading account.

The software has been tested by RR Corporation LTD to the best of its knowledge and belief. Due to the numerous setting options and the innumerable conceivable behavior patterns of the market, it is not yet possible to test and cover all eventualities. Therefore, RR Corporation LTD assumes no responsibility for the use of the software by customers.

If customers receive a so-called backtest, past results are never a guarantee of future profit.

Customers should only use the software after it has been properly tested and should be sufficiently familiar with the features and setting options of their respective system.

Customers are solely responsible for the use of the software.