1) Definitions:
For the purposes of these General Terms and Conditions Agreement, the following definitions are established:
– “Service Provider”: RR Corporation LTD;
– “Customer”: the natural person, or the company or any other body, whether or not having legal personality and profit-making, which for professional or non-professional purposes, requests the purchase of the PRIME Bundle;
– “Expert Advisor”: software designed to assist the client in trading activities, designed to be used on a specific Meta Trader 4 platform provided by specialized brokers regulated by financial authorities in Online Trading activities;
– “Historical Tests”: tests carried out on historical data, which allow you to evaluate the progress of a strategy in a given period of time.
– “Portal”: Area reserved for subscribing members of the PRIME Bundle, where it includes the list of expert advisors that can be used.
– “VPS”: Windows Server user where you can install the “Metatrader 4” trading platform and install the expert advisors chosen on the emirlike portal.
– “Prime Bundle”: Annual “Membership” subscription service which includes access for one year to the www.emirlike.com portal with the possibility of using all available expert advisors, no. 1 VPS user, dedicated assistance 24 / h 5/7.


2) Provision of the service:
2.1a Free: free use to allow the customer to view the “portal” member area and use an expert advisor free of charge for 7 days to choose from among those available.
2.1b Provided that the price of the PRIME Bundle is regularly paid, the Service Provider grants the Customer, who accepts, a non-transferable user in the reserved area of the emirlike.com portal for exclusive personal use where he can choose among the experts advisors present to use in assistance to their trading activity, a VPS user and assistance in installing the expert advisor on the metatrader 4 platform within the VPS.
2.2 The Client may not assign or transfer the Agreement, membership and content of the VPS to third parties. It is expressly and absolutely forbidden for the Client to transfer directly or indirectly to third parties, for any reason, the VPS user in particular not to grant his trading account as a signal provider for copytrading / mirroringtrading activities under penalty of immediate closure of the user. VPS.
2.3 The Client is solely responsible for the use of expert advisors on his trading account and the results obtained.
2.4 The use of the portal does not give the customer any rights to the source codes. All the techniques, algorithms and procedures contained in the program and in the related documentation, including the texts on the website www.emirlike.com, are confidential information, the exclusive property of the Service Provider, and cannot be used by the Customer for purposes other than those indicated in this contract.
It is expressly forbidden for the Customer to copy all or part of the programs granted in use under this contract.
2.5 The programs remain the exclusive property of the Service Provider and / or pathner suppliers. It is therefore expressly forbidden for the Customer to transfer them or otherwise allow their use by third parties, whether free of charge or for consideration.


3) Object:
This contract governs the conditions of use of the emirlike.com portal.

4) Obligations of the Customer:

4.1 The Customer is required to verify the correct installation of the Software, constantly monitoring the operation of the latter, the Metatrader 4 platform and the hardware support used. The Service Provider and its collaborators are not liable for the prejudicial consequences that may arise for the Client or third parties from an incorrect or incomplete installation of the Expert Advisors on the Metatrader 4 platform. In the same way, the Service Provider and its collaborators are not liable for any damages caused by the failure of the Metatrader 4 platform, of the hardware support used by the Customer or of the unreliable data connection.
4.2 The Customer undertakes to keep secret the content of the products granted in use through the emirlike.com portal, as well as the transferred know-how and every detail concerning the functioning of the Expert Advisors, protecting the intellectual property rights of the Service Provider. Likewise, the Customer undertakes not to reproduce the contents of the User Manual and the website www.emirlike.com, whatever the purpose.

5) Customer Declarations and Exclusions of Liability:
5.1 The Customer certifies that he has the necessary powers to conclude this contract and declares that the information provided to the Service Provider is true.
5.2 The Customer declares to have well understood that the operations carried out with the use of expert advisors involve different levels of risk / return and may lead to losses of which, as specified in the Risk Disclaimer, an integral part of these General Terms and Conditions, in no case and for no reason can the Service Provider and their collaborators be held responsible.

5.3 The Customer declares to have well understood that no financial flow exists between him and the Service Provider, and that no electronic trading of financial securities, including electronic trading of currencies, is carried out by the latter on behalf of the Customer. The Customer declares to have well understood that the Service Provider is not a financial brokerage company and that it does not carry out the activity of “Online Broker”.

5.4 The Customer declares to have well understood that he will have to evaluate his own objectives and his ability to identify the strategies and methods of use of the Software that are most suited to him.

5.5 The Client declares to have well understood that RR Corporation LTD does not in any way guarantee the positive outcome of the individual transactions arranged with the help of the Expert Advisors and does not guarantee the possibility of obtaining, through the use of the Expert Advisors, performance future similar to those obtained previously or to those simulated in the various Historical Tests presented on the website www.myfxbook.com or provided in any other way. The Service Provider, and its collaborators, are not liable for the prejudicial consequences that may arise for the Customer or third parties from the operations arranged through the Expert Advisors.

5.5 The Client declares to have well understood that the use of the Expert Advisors does not constitute a service or investment activity pursuant to and for the purposes of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 and subsequent amendments and, in particular, cannot be understood such as investment advisory, capital management or public offering of financial products.

5.6 The Service Provider is not liable under any circumstances for losses suffered by the Customer.

5.7 In the event of defects, the Service Provider is only required to replace or repair the software products, with the exclusion of any other liability.

5.8 In any case, any liability of RR Corporation LTD may not exceed the amount of the consideration paid.


6) Duration of the subscription:

The subscription contract has a minimum duration of 12 months.


7) Termination and Withdrawal:

7.1 The violation by the Customer of the obligations provided for by art. 2, 4, 5 of this contract gives the Service Provider the right to terminate the contract with immediate effect, with the consequent loss of the rights covered by this contract, in addition to any request for compensation for greater damage.

7.2 The Customer has the right to withdraw from the contract, without stating the reasons, within 14 (fourteen) days from the activation of the services or from the payment, the term of 14 days starts from the last event that occurred.

7.3 The right of withdrawal can be exercised by the Customer by communicating his will, within the expiry of the withdrawal period, to the Service Provider, with an explicit declaration to be sent via the contact form on the website www.emirlike.com or to the email address subscription@emirlike.com.

7.4 In the event of withdrawal from the contract, the payment made to the Service Provider will be refunded to the Customer. These refunds will be made using the same means of payment made by the Customer for the initial transaction, unless the Customer has expressly agreed otherwise.


8) Obligations of the Service Provider:

The Service Provider undertakes to deliver and activate the software as soon as possible from the signing of the contract and upon payment of the price.


9) Price and payment methods:


The Customer is required to pay the price indicated on the website www.emirlike.com in advance to the Service Provider (PRIME Bundle € 599) as well as to pay monthly 20% of the earnings generated by the software. RR Corporation on the first day of each month will issue an invoice for the payment of the 20% fee on the earnings obtained by the customer through the intervention of the software, these invoices will expire 15 after the date of issue. The payment methods are further specified on the site. Invoices relating to the payment will be issued electronically.

In addition to the above, the customer recognizes a service fee of € 20 for each lot traded, if the customer decides to use a broker affiliated with emirlike, the service fee is not due.



10) Responsibility for the processing of personal data:

The Customer’s personal data will be processed and protected in accordance with The Data Protection Act 2018.


11) Special conditions on intellectual property, use and confidentiality of software:

Whatever the software is, it will remain the exclusive property of the Service Provider and / or its Partners. It is therefore expressly forbidden for the Customer to reproduce and / or duplicate or allow the reproduction and / or duplication of all or part of the content of the software and user manuals in order to transfer them or grant them to third parties in any capacity, even free of charge, or in any case allow their use.


12) Methods of communication:

The Customer acknowledges that the ordinary means for the exchange of information and communications relating to the management of the service is constituted by electronic mail (e-mail) exchanged between the Service Provider and the Customer himself at the addresses indicated in the contract.


13) Data and statistics communication


The Client is required to communicate the statistical data of the accounts where the software is used through its trading platform, providing daily FTP uploads of the operations carried out by means of the RR Corporation LTD software.


14) Acceptance of the “Risk Disclaimer”:

The customer declares to have read and accepted in full and in all its parts the Risk Disclaimer to these general terms and conditions, called “Risk Disclaimer”.


15) Language and Law of reference – Exclusive court:

The parties acknowledge as valid only, for all articles and clauses herein

contract, British law and the English language.

For anything not expressly governed by this contract, the parties will refer exclusively to the current legislation of the British legal system as applicable. Any dispute that should arise between the parties regarding the interpretation, execution or termination and in general the fate of the agreements referred to in this contract – and of which this clause forms an integral part – and its subsequent additions and amendments, must be remitted, exclusively, to the decision of the Civil Court of London.

The customer by electronic check accepts and signs the present contract in all its parts including the documents referred to, furthermore all subsequent unilateral changes will be published at this url, the customer has the right to challenge within 7 days from the date of their publication.